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Visual Communications

Nonverbal communication is the primary form of human communication. The medium of social change are images whether created by a still photographer or videographer recording moving images.  



Iris Imaging Photography Services

The Photo Essays – Photojournalism at its best

Elyria photographer Mike McCray’s primary style is that of a photojournalist. The photojournalism style of photography is an excellent choice for those who seeking to stimulate social and emotional learning of specific populations understanding of social, political, economic, and medical issues of regional, national or global concern. This service is well suited for organizations that engage in social marketing and want to communicate these concerns.

Mike McCray only accepts those clients who have projects that he supports. It is essential for creativity to have believe that the story is worth telling. 

Photo-illustration -The Art of Creation

Mike McCray received his training in photo-illustration at Kent State University in the days of film. Adobe Photoshop 1.0 digital darkroom tools were a decade away and medium format or large format view cameras were the tools of the trade.  Long before computer manipulations photo-illustrations creations were achieved in setup, controlled lighting, in camera and/or the darkroom. Creating and processing creative photographic images required art and science. The handling of dangerous chemicals was part of the imaging process.

Quality images were time consuming. The expense of creating an image forced contemplation and good composition for each photo-illustration.

This is stark contrast over blasting way and hope you come up with something good. This mentality many photographers exhibit today is due to the cheaper media and processing cost. Now keystrokes complete task that would have taken a week of darkroom time to complete. Photoshop layers have replaced multiple exposures on film and/or paper printing.

Iris Imaging combines though with the power of today’s tools like Photoshop to engineer photo-illustrations that captures the imagination and project confidence essential in competitive global market place.